From computer science and engineering to art and sculpture to the manufacture and design of hair enhancements, Sherri Renée's journey as an entrepreneur has spanned over 25 years. Combining her creativity with her technical skill, she has been able to fulfill her dream of starting and running three successful businesses.

Her desire to help her customers and her ability to understand their very personal needs have been an ongoing motivation for taking her business from a local to an international enterprise. Armed with a Degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Sherri spent the first 12 years of her career working as an independent consultant in information systems for companies such as IBM, Westinghouse, Bethlehem Steel, and T-Rowe Price.

Interested in both art and science Sherri went back to school to earn a degree in Fine Arts in Sculpture and Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art. After experiencing hair loss from pregnancies and a thyroid condition, she became interested in hair restoration and extensions and was motivated to start her own company, Versacchi USA, to focus on the hair restoration industry.

When a good friend was diagnosed with cancer, she expanded her business and started Versacchi Studios in 1994 to address special hair restoration challenges for clients with medical issues. A Master Hair Architect and Designer, Sherri has developed and received patents for industry leading hair enhancements that are cross-marketed to both the hair restoration and beauty arts industries.
With more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and application of hair enhancements, additions, and prosthetics, Sherri has worked with thousands of clients worldwide and is highly recognized for her work in chemotherapy, radiation, trauma, burn, alopecia and androgenetic alopecia.

Concerned that she was only able to reach a local audience with her extensions and enhancements, Sherri formed a new company, Sherri Renée & Co. in 2014. Acting as a wholesaler to salons across the country, Sherri Renée & Co. offers hair designs and products, consulting advice and education to upscale salons across the US, Canada, and Barbados.

My successes. 

In addition to the thriving Versacchi Studios which she started in 1994 to address special hair restoration challenges for clients with medical issues, Sherri Renée & Co. is currently a wholesaler to 32 salons and continues to grow.

How SCORE helped. 

Sherri turned to SCORE for advice on the ins and outs of building her new business and help with internet marketing, advertising, and branding. SCORE Mentor and experienced successful business owner Norman Bickman, was able to provide Sherri with information about Google AdWords and give her advice about the types of social media she needed to expand her marketing focus from a local to a national market. With Norman's help, she evaluated various customer markets and pricing models. She decided to concentrate on upscale salons whose clients could afford her high-quality hair enhancements.

Sherri commented that she wished she had known about SCORE years ago but is thankful to know that its resources will be there for her as she continues to grow her business.

Versacchi Studios and Sherri Reneé & Co.